If you have decided to travel outside Nice, then you should consider a Nice Airport car rental. This part of the country has a special “fragrance” that you will most likely not forget soon.

Nice is a gorgeous city located in this area that will have something for every type of visitor who sets foot on it. Culturally rich, bewilderingly beautiful and absolutely amazing when it comes to the number of places to see and things to do, this city is definitely one of France’s most treasured jewels.

The places surrounding Nice are also very beautiful, and if you decide to stay a bit longer in this city, you could try paying a visit to one of these places as well. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Cannes. This is the place that holds the famous film festival every year, but other than that, it will be an amazing town to visit as well. The film festival here is definitely one of the biggest attractions, since it will bring together hundreds of thousands of visitors, filmmakers and celebrities every year. However, if you cannot manage to attend the festival, then you will surely enjoy the stunning sights of this 10th century old town any time of the year.

  2. Saint-Tropez. This is clearly one of the top destinations in France and it attracts celebrities every year. Its luxurious gulf, its troubling history and its absolute beauty will surely mesmerize you as well.

  3. Monaco. If you have the chance to pass the border into this principality, then get ready to be amazed, because this little country is one of the richest, most culturally aware and most glamorous places in Europe and around the world. It is located just a few minutes East to Nice, so visiting it will definitely be worth it.

  4. If sightseeing is something you enjoy, then the Regional Park of Auvergne Volcanoes will be something you will love. This huge regional park “hosts” bewildering volcanic massifs, such as the Chaîne des Puys and the Monts du Cantal.
The weather in Nice is generally warm. The summers are dry, sunny, and warm and the rainfall during the summer in Nice is not common. The temperature during the summer generally ranges from 68 degrees to around 86 degrees. This makes it extremely beneficial to visit nice during the summer.

Another great time of year to visit Nice, France is during fall. September is a month that is generally sunny and then it will begin to get more rainy around October. The temperatures tend to be above 68 degrees until it cools down in November to temperatures that are around 63 degrees.

The winters have days that are mild with temperatures that range from 52 degrees to around 63 degrees. The weather during this time of year is variable. The days can change from rainy and damp to dry and sunny. However, there are very few incidents where snow or frost occur here. In fact the snow is an event that is considered to be special because it hardly ever happen. Aside from it being rainy this is a nice time of year to visit.

The spring in Nice will start out to be rainy and will then turn to sunny and warm towards the month of June.

If you are going to visit Nice and want sunny weather you should avoid the winter and the early spring. Most of the other times of year are perfect for visiting. You should take jackets with you if you plan to visit when the temperatures will be cool. If planning to visit any other time of year you can take clothing that is comfortable to the spring, summer, or fall months and add in a light jacket to ensure you are warm should it happen to get chilly in the evening.

Nice is a place that offers great weather aside from the rain nearly year around considering that it never really gets cold enough there for it to snow or frost. Choose the season that is most preferable to you when making a decision on the time of year that is best for your trip to Nice.
France is considered to be one of the most glamorous and most culturally rich places in the world and a part of it that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year is its South. Beyond Paris and its continuous fuss, you will find an oasis of relaxation and beauty in the Southern French cities.

Nice is definitely one of the most beautiful such southern jewels and visiting it will leave you with an impression that will simply be unforgettable. In between “old” and “new” and in between the peaceful seaside and the great nightlife experience, this city will have something for everyone.

Stepping into the New Year in Nice can be an amazing experience that will give you a good start for a whole new beginning. One of the things you could do here on the New Year’s Eve will be embarking on a 48-hours cruise to Corsica. This mini-trip will surely make for a great time and you will get the chance to enter the New Year all refreshed and energized.

Attending a Nice New Year’s party can be a great choice as well. In France, these parties are often referred to as “Reveillon”, so keep an eye on what the restaurants in the area have to offer. Most likely, you will find something regardless of your budget or taste, especially since the restaurants in Nice cover a wide array of cuisines and services.

The New Year’s Eve, or le Jour de l’An (as it is referred to in French) is quite a big celebration in this country and the dishes served this night are said to bring prosperity and well-being for the entire year that is to come. If you would like a taste of one of the famous French wines, some fois gras and some crepes for the New Year’s dinner, then Nice is definitely the place to be. Let yourself be pampered this night and spend it in the South of France – you will definitely not regret it!

Shopping in Nice


If you plan to go shopping in Nice while visiting you should be sure that you understand when the shopping sales are held. These sales take place two times each year around the months of July and January.

Most of the shops found in Nice open every day of the week except Sunday. The normally operating hours are 10-7 and some stores close for a lunch break.
The main street for shopping is Avenue Jean Medecin. Here you will be able to find luggage, shores, clothing, sporting goods, jewelry, cafes, fast food, and department stores.

You can also visit Nice Etoile which is a shopping mall that is small and indoors. There are two floors of different cafes and shops. There is FNAC for those who like technology which has many books and gadgets to choose from. You can visit Go Sport as well which offers three floods of sporting gear.

For those looking for designer shops you can find stores such as Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Snia Rkyeil, Arani, and Chanel. The staff found at these shops are very helpful and friendly. For those who have children visiting Bonpoint is a must but beware as it is very expensive. At the least it is worth looking at the things that they have to offer. During the sales you can find great bargains at the store.

Old Town is a great area to shop as well. You can look in this are for local items.

As you can see there are many places to shop while you are visiting Nice. You will likely want to take a day out of your trip just to view all the different shops that are available. There is something for everyone and you will certainly enjoy the view while you take your time strolling through the different stores that interest you when you are there. Remember visiting during the sales times is a great way to save money on some of the items that you might be interested in buying.



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